Investing in Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is non-metallic metal that’s been refined into a high quality of pure elemental purity. The word is usually applied to all pure gold and silver bullion and typically to semi-precious gold as well.

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While the pure gold content may be higher in comparison to the common bullion, the price is usually lower. The common variety of gold bullion can only be bought in legal tender from authorized sellers and it can’t be transferred electronically, except for the existing account holders.

The reason why Canadian gold bullion is so cheap when compared to gold in the USA is because of the open market. Unlike in the US where there are large gold mining companies which dominate the mining industry, Canadian companies have to be smaller to survive in the market. This means that the government plays an active role in regulating the gold mining companies.

The result is that investors in Canada get a chance to buy high quality gold bullion at a low price. That’s why there are so many Canadian investments in gold bullion banks. Usually, investors find these banks through a broker, which is an institution or individual that buys and sells securities, including gold.

One of the common methods of buying gold bullion in Canada is through the purchase of bars. There are several types of bars available and investors need to study them carefully. Canadian gold bullion bars come in different sizes and designs – from simple round bars to larger bars with images and engravings on them.

Most investors buy physical gold bullion in bars because it’s easy to obtain and store. There are other types of gold bullion available for purchase, including coins, rounds, Troy ounces, American eagle gold coins, Swiss Vreneli and others.

When buy bullion in bars or coins, investors need to check their purity. Purity refers to the percentage of pure gold in a bar or coin. The rareness of a coin can also be a sign of its purity, since rare coins have fewer minted compared to common ones. A higher percentage of pure gold in coins results in less expensive pieces.

Canadian bullion coins also have different grading systems according to their purity and quality. Commonly used systems are the grading scales that are based on the least expensive (the melt value) and the highest (the standard score) grades. Except for the melt value, all other values are derived from the standard score.

Gold bullion investors must take note that the prices of gold coins and bars can change dramatically over time. That’s why they trade on established futures exchanges like the New York Board of Trade (NYBOT) and the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT).

These two venues have the advantage of being regularly followed by gold buyers and sellers, making it easier to participate in trading activities. For new investors, these two venues are also good places to start learning about trading and investing.

How Does Merchant Cash Advance Work?

It is very obvious to consider a merchant cash advance if you are in need of fast money for funding your business. The product is also popularly known as the “business cash advance”. It is almost similar to a “paycheck advance” that is often provided to the consumers. But the question is about how merchant advance cash works, how much does it cost etc always remain unanswered. Therefore, we have enlisted down some basics so that readers can get to know more about business financing.

Merchant Cash Advance in Canada

What is exactly a merchant cash advance?

A company that provides merchant cash advance in Canada offers small business entrepreneurs an advance that can easily be applied against their future sales. This genre of financing is mainly helpful for those businesses which tend to have a steady number of credit card sales. This also includes medical offices, restaurants, retail stores etc.

Individuals have to apply for it first. The documents that are most needed are:

  • Individuals need to bring proof of their identity. This can include their state-issued ID card.
  • All credit card processing and bank statements are also required.
  • Individuals are also required to submit their business tax returns.

It is recommended to be well-aware of your credit scores. During the process, the lender can also run a quick soft credit check on the borrower’s personal credit.

What are the benefits of a merchant cash advance?

The main perk of applying for a merchant cash advance is that one can get the mentioned sum of money within a day or two. And, the qualification rate for it is also very easy. Individuals won’t be needing any kind of collaterals. Also, the requirements of your credit score are pretty flexible. It has been observed that the financing company seems more interested in the borrower’s sales history. His credit history is rarely checked or verified. Also, if individuals are able to show their possession of a certain volume of debit or card sales, then there is a high possibility of them to qualify for the MCA.

Merchant Cash Advance in Canada

MCA comes with another advantage and that is it comes with flexible payments. It is generally advised to make your repayment plan on the basis of the percentage of daily sales. This will make your repayments less hectic and also, you won’t be needed to pay back more when your sales are going low. This method is indeed helpful for those businesses which come with fluctuating sales.

Last but not the least, the funds extracted via an MCA can be utilized for every business expense.

How much does a MCA cost?

This can be quite tricky because an MCA’s cost isn’t dependent on APR i.e Annual Percentage Rate or any interest rate. It has been observed that if MCA is calculated as an MCA, then it could cost more than other variants of business loans.

Is going for a MCA a good idea?

Since MCA deals with a low barrier for cash approval, therefore it could prove to be very beneficial for those businesses which require immediate cash for funding. But, it should also be noted that an MCA is more expensive than an ordinary bank loan. Also, other financing options like the line of credit or bank loans are generally recommended to those who have been at least in business along with good possession of strong revenues and credits.

Why Collecting Canadian Coins Is So Rewarding?

When you think of coins, what is the first thing that piques your interest? Are you interested in certain types of? Do you like the coins of a certain era? Or, do you just like the glimmer of silver and gold?

Whatever your reasons may be, an investment that can be extremely rewarding is collecting Royal Canadian Mint coins for sale. In its long history, the Royal Canadian Mint has produced some of the rarest and uniquely featured coins.

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The reason that makes Canadian coin collection even more interesting is that it is a reliable investment compared to other coins. The value of the coin is of course influenced by different factors, like dates, rarity, demand and supply, mint, and the current status of the coin. The collectors often go after the coins that others want to possess. They also try to grab the coins that are unique and rare.

Denomination of Canadian coin

It doesn’t matter what type of collector you are, if you try hard, you can find different Royal Canadian Mint coins for sale. Of course, it is easier for the collectors of the US to get their hands on Canadian coins. However, Canadian coins are also available on the internet which makes it possible for collectors from other countries to avail them.

Canadian coins come in different denominations that include, one cent 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, and 50 cents. You can also avail coins of one and two dollars. The depiction of the Canadian coins is truly amazing. The RCM makes sure that the designs of the Canadian coin embrace the culture, historical figures, and the nature of the country.

Different Canadian coins honour royals and prominent figures of other countries as well. For example, coins with the figure of Queen Elizabeth II are very popular among collectors, and it can fetch about $2,500 and above.

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Know about the popular coins

If you are trying to figure out the coins that you should collect, the sky is your limit. You should know that RCM releases Royal Canadian Mint coins for sale for the dealers as well as the collectors. Some of the valuable coins include Canadian Victorian quarters which is more valuable than the Edwardian coins.

Where you can find Canadian coins

You can check out the web stores as well as the coin dealerships to find some really valuable Canadian coins. Some of the dealers specialize in dealing with Canadian coins. Explore their collections to find some valuable and rare ones. The Royal Canadian Mint also allows collectors to buy the coins directly.

The short history of Canada as a country gives Canadian coins a valuable platform in the coin collection industry. According to professionals, Royal Canadian Mint coins are one of the top tradable coins across the world. No doubt this is one of the biggest reasons why the coin collectors and dealers across the world show such interest in Canadian coins. The exceptional purity and exquisite designs of the coins are the other factors that fuel the popularity of these coins.

Keeping a Visitor Management App for entry point

While many companies and organizations have made it mandatory to have a visitor management system app in place, many people still are not aware of the importance of it. There are chances where violence in any workplace might happen. Apart from that any kind of terrorism activities and industrial espionage along with professional enmity can lead to a number of issues. There is also a growth in the gun culture now which acts as a threatening space to properties as well as for human lives.

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Background Facts

In the years 2010 and 2011 it seems that the Indian retail industry has taken the first place in the Global Retail Theft survey. A whooping Rs 3470 crores loss was accounted which is a 2.38 percentage mark mentioned in the sales shrinkage. This comes under the sector of thefts by customers, suppliers and by employees.

In the periods of 2014 to 2015 and in 2016 to 2017 it seems that almost Rs. 180 crore was reported in loss due to robbery and theft. This was noticed in 51 banks where 2632 cases where filed. If visitor management system app is in place then this can be avoided.  Talking about the human life issues, there was this case of a 7 year old girl who was abducted from her apartment in Chennai. This happened in 2017 where the girl was later found to be murdered in a nearby area.

The girl was simply playing in her apartment when her parents where out. Going by these incidents many schools have now placed a visitor management system app. Many school authorities have mentioned that the schools o not want any kind of sexual predators walking inside their campus. To enable this visitor management system app will help a lot. They consider that this system is an absolute necessity when it comes to the security of the schools.

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What about small and medium enterprises?

Even in the case of public organizations, this question arises. Should the visitor management system app be kept in place? The answer is that no matter what the size of the organization is, the safety and security of the workers is an absolute necessity. For this the following measures can be taken.

  • All the necessary details of the visitors should be got at the entry itself. Right from personal information, to signature, ID card or picture, business cards etc can be taken here. Otherwise any kind of proof documents can be just checked.
  • The premise should be in total control and the people entering and exiting the area should be checked.
  • The best option is to give a visitor pass. This pass can contain name, photo, area and reason for access.
  • The full database of the visitor along with the exit time should be noted down.
  • Even the vehicles which enter the area and exit the area should be noted down. Their waiting time and usage time can be kept in track too.
  • Security checks along with id’s and credentials with watch lists can be taken care.

Essential Tips for SEO Videos

Videos have become really popular for B2B marketing. The best SEO Company Toronto which has dedicated video marketing stratagems is going to generate more leads and is going to earn more revenue. Moreover, it is also going to enjoy more popularity than the ones which engage is all types of marketing.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are amazing places to get your eyes on the video content. However, prospects are not necessarily in work or even buy-mode as they scroll through the platforms.

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A majority of the B2B decision makers use search for researching business decisions.  In order to reap the benefits of video marketing, your videos have to be optimized for search. If you follow the best practices suggest by the best SEO Company Toronto when it comes to video SEO, you will be able to enjoy a visible search result and also drive more energy traffic.


How Does Google Rank the Videos?

In the general search and also the video search functions, Google rank videos which use the same ranking factors like the written content, content quality, and number of backlinks are the most important signals. When you host a video on your site, the task to optimize the video content is similar to the ones for the images and written content.

Take a look at the five steps given by the best SEO Company Toronto that you can use to improve the search rankings for your videos.

Transcribe the Video Content

Offering both transcription and video on a single page will offer dual benefits. This will cater to the preferences of the reader. It makes the video content more likely to appear in the searches.

You can optimize video transcription in the same way as any other text based website content. Even though this might break the duplicate content rules, transcription actually offers a good user experience simply by catering to various learning styles. Even though some visitors might prefer videos, others might like reading.

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When you transcribe a video, you can take two approaches.

  • Give a full word for word transcription
  • Give text highlights

Full transcripts offer more engagement SEO opportunities. Albeit highlights are good for long videos and can get more views by teasing the readers with compelling content.

Optimize Video File Metadata

Simply like general search results, descriptions and title display in the video searches. Even though Google is going to find something to display if you do not provide the data, it will be easier to drive more views if the Meta data is optimized. Video descriptions and title should be:

  • Be compelling enough to encourage click-through
  • Include keywords which match the user intent
  • Use meta descriptions which are 155 characters or less
  • Features characters that are 55 characters or less
  • Use relevant and compelling content

Moreover, Google displays a thumbnail for the video result. Thumbnails are to videos as images are for blog posts.  Hence, it is important to choose the right thumbnail.

Use Schema Markup

Even though some user conduct searches using the video search function of Google, there are some that use the general search tool. If you want your video to stand out in the general searches, make sure that you use schema markup to offer information that the search engines require. With schema markup, general search results are going to appear in the same manner like the video search results, offering a video thumbnail and length.

You might have to add schema markup for thumbnail, title, description, and content-URL for each of the video.