Keeping a Visitor Management App for entry point

While many companies and organizations have made it mandatory to have a visitor management system app in place, many people still are not aware of the importance of it. There are chances where violence in any workplace might happen. Apart from that any kind of terrorism activities and industrial espionage along with professional enmity can lead to a number of issues. There is also a growth in the gun culture now which acts as a threatening space to properties as well as for human lives.

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Background Facts

In the years 2010 and 2011 it seems that the Indian retail industry has taken the first place in the Global Retail Theft survey. A whooping Rs 3470 crores loss was accounted which is a 2.38 percentage mark mentioned in the sales shrinkage. This comes under the sector of thefts by customers, suppliers and by employees.

In the periods of 2014 to 2015 and in 2016 to 2017 it seems that almost Rs. 180 crore was reported in loss due to robbery and theft. This was noticed in 51 banks where 2632 cases where filed. If visitor management system app is in place then this can be avoided.  Talking about the human life issues, there was this case of a 7 year old girl who was abducted from her apartment in Chennai. This happened in 2017 where the girl was later found to be murdered in a nearby area.

The girl was simply playing in her apartment when her parents where out. Going by these incidents many schools have now placed a visitor management system app. Many school authorities have mentioned that the schools o not want any kind of sexual predators walking inside their campus. To enable this visitor management system app will help a lot. They consider that this system is an absolute necessity when it comes to the security of the schools.

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What about small and medium enterprises?

Even in the case of public organizations, this question arises. Should the visitor management system app be kept in place? The answer is that no matter what the size of the organization is, the safety and security of the workers is an absolute necessity. For this the following measures can be taken.

  • All the necessary details of the visitors should be got at the entry itself. Right from personal information, to signature, ID card or picture, business cards etc can be taken here. Otherwise any kind of proof documents can be just checked.
  • The premise should be in total control and the people entering and exiting the area should be checked.
  • The best option is to give a visitor pass. This pass can contain name, photo, area and reason for access.
  • The full database of the visitor along with the exit time should be noted down.
  • Even the vehicles which enter the area and exit the area should be noted down. Their waiting time and usage time can be kept in track too.
  • Security checks along with id’s and credentials with watch lists can be taken care.