Essential Tips for SEO Toronto Video Services

Videos have become really popular for B2B marketing. According to the best SEO Company Toronto which has dedicated video marketing stratagems is going to generate more leads and is going to earn more revenue. Moreover, it is also going to enjoy more popularity than the ones which engage is all types of marketing.

Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are amazing places to get your eyes on the video content. However, prospects are not necessarily in work or even buy-mode as they scroll through the platforms.

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A majority of the B2B decision makers use search for researching business decisions.  In order to reap the benefits of video marketing, your videos have to be optimized for search. If you follow the best practices suggest by the best SEO Company Toronto when it comes to video SEO, you will be able to enjoy a visible search result and also drive more energy traffic.


How Does Google Rank the Videos?

In the general search and also the video search functions, Google rank videos which use the same ranking factors like the written content, content quality, and number of backlinks are the most important signals. When you host a video on your site, the task to optimize the video content is similar to the ones for the images and written content.

Take a look at the five steps given by the best SEO Company Toronto that you can use to improve the search rankings for your videos.

Transcribe the Video Content

Offering both transcription and video on a single page will offer dual benefits. This will cater to the preferences of the reader. It makes the video content more likely to appear in the searches.

You can optimize video transcription in the same way as any other text based website content. Even though this might break the duplicate content rules, transcription actually offers a good user experience simply by catering to various learning styles. Even though some visitors might prefer videos, others might like reading.

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When you transcribe a video, you can take two approaches.

  • Give a full word for word transcription
  • Give text highlights

Full transcripts offer more engagement SEO opportunities. Albeit highlights are good for long videos and can get more views by teasing the readers with compelling content.

Optimize Video File Metadata

Simply like general search results, descriptions and title display in the video searches. Even though Google is going to find something to display if you do not provide the data, it will be easier to drive more views if the Meta data is optimized. Video descriptions and title should be:

  • Be compelling enough to encourage click-through
  • Include keywords which match the user intent
  • Use meta descriptions which are 155 characters or less
  • Features characters that are 55 characters or less
  • Use relevant and compelling content

Moreover, Google displays a thumbnail for the video result. Thumbnails are to videos as images are for blog posts.  Hence, it is important to choose the right thumbnail.

Use Schema Markup

Even though some user conduct searches using the video search function of Google SEO, there are some that use the general search tool. If you want your video to stand out in the general searches, make sure that you use schema markup to offer information that the search engines require. With schema markup, general search results are going to appear in the same manner like the video search results, offering a video thumbnail and length.

You might have to add schema markup for thumbnail, title, description, and content-URL for each of the video.